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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Peek From my Porch


Some have been waiting for it to snow.

Our "good" snowfall that we'd been waiting for came yesterday!
I was one of those "some."  I call these winter weather days we've had since Saturday "Delicious."  I don't mean that I'm stuffing down toasted marshmallows and other luscious comfort foods, though this kind of weather begs for it!  What I'm saying is that these days just are delicious all in themselves. They are meant to be enjoyed and savored, just like an exquisitely prepared meal.

How did I relish these days?  I have had the pleasure of staying in bed a wee bit longer, wrapped in my down comforter, the warmth of the fireplace at my bedside. Delicious. Normal routines that would have called for busyness and flurry were replaced by the luxury of being in no hurry whatsoever.  Delicious.

Yesterday while it snowed out here in the country, plans for the day were changed .  So instead I:

  • Leisurely mopped and dusted wearing my comfy, warm slippers
  • Listened to all my favorite radio preachers 
  • Filed recipes
  • Cut out coupons and sorted them
  • Worked on "a project" at my sewing machine
  • Read and studied near the window (and the fire)
  • Sipped on extra cups of steaming coffee
  • Oh, and I looked out the window a LOT
The parson and I also took a walk in the snowy dusk.  The shadows made the snow blue.  The quiet was deafening and ...yep, delicious!

It sure is pretty out here.  This snow was worth waiting for!  It was a gloriously (delicious) day!

What do you enjoy doing on days like these?  

With love from my snowy porch,


Whitney Pendell said...

I love drinking my coffee from a pretty mug instead of my travel mug...eating breakfast in the kitchen instead of at my desk...just being home! =)

Denise said...

Oh yes! Those are luxurious pleasures of a morning at home!