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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keep Serving

What a fun evening last night was!  It was our Ladies' Christmas Tea; a night of yummy finger foods, festive decorations, friendship, laughs and encouragement from God's Word.

I won't lie - these kind of events, while they are definitely all the above, they are also physically exhausting, mentally draining, and can even be spiritually difficult.  The devil fights when anything good for the glory of God is going on.  Before the event things get tough.  During the event, slip-ups happen, or guests don't show up.  Afterwards the accusations and doubts step in.  You wonder if it was really all that great, if it accomplished the desired goal, and if it was effective for eternity.  It's at this point that right thinking must step in.  As swiftly as we grab the broom and dustpan after the guests have departed, I must run to the Lord in my quiet place and give to Him (once again) every moment of this work I've done for Him.  I realize that if anything was profitable spiritually for those that attended, it was all by His strength.  Just as the dust and crumbs vanish from the floor, so the worries and stresses must be cast aside; covered by His grace.

Is there a work, or ministry that you're involved in?  Can I encourage you to not let yourself get discouraged by the onslaught of criticisms, or discouragements that come your way, either real or just "felt."  There is no "perfect" work, only a perfect Savior.  Keep doing what you're doing for His glory.  One day we'll all have eyes to see what the Lord did in the humble, feeble attempts we made at serving Him here on this earth.  Then the fatigue, the weariness, and the warfare will be worth it all!

Let's just keep serving!

With love,


Linda Glass said...

Denise the Ladies Christmas Tea was great!! I loved every minute of it. Tammy thanked me several times for inviting her. She said that she enjoyed it so much. I hope I can get her to start coming to church. She needs our fellowship. Thank you for your blog today I needed this. The Lord always provides encouragement when I need it.

Denise said...

So glad you had Tammy with you last night! We'll continue to pray that the Lord will direct her so she sees her need for the Body of Christ. It was wonderful to see so many visitors! Thanks for your support and encouragement in these ministries at our church!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I try to take time to read your blog each day because it is so, well, refreshing! :)
This post was very timely and appreciated for so many reasons. My husband is a deacon. I think I can just leave it at that. ;)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Darlene - Indiana

Denise said...

Dear sweet deacon's wife, I do understand. You are in view. You spend long hours serving or waiting for your husband while he serves. Your work is not always appreciated. But God sees and knows your hearts. Glad this post could encourage you! We all need to be reminded to keep our focus. Praying for you today!