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Friday, December 13, 2013

Freshen Up Fridiay

The best thing I've done in the last several years is memorize Scripture.  Oh, I'd tucked away a verse here and a verse there in the past, but to buckle down and memorize chapters/books of the Bible has been such a treasure.  I pull up those verses in my mind in stressful times, in times of anxiousness, in times of need in others' lives.  No one can ever take that treasure from me.  What a blessing!

Most of memorizing is just pure work, but there are tools to help, and I found a new one this week that I have to share with you.  This is an app for your phone!  How handy is that?  And it's free!  My favorite price for anything!  It's called Don't forget.  

You can choose the translation from which you want to memorize and it will download onto the app.  Then it will say the verse outloud so you can listen to it over and over.  You can choose to eliminate one verse from the written form, one word at a time until you can look at it and say it from memory!

I LOVE this app!  You can upload 25 verses.  It tells you how many times you've reviewed the verse, and I believe you can have it remind you to work on it!

Refresh your heart with the memorization of Scripture, and freshen up the way you go about it with this great tool!

See you in church!

Be refreshed,


Kimberly Ledford said...

Oh wow! What an awesome app! I will have to download that!

Denise said...

Tell me what you think!