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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Peek From My Porch

Merry Christmas!  What a special day this is for those of us who know Christ as our personal Savior.  How thankful I am that He left the glories of heaven to be born in a humble manger bed.  When I look at my home, I think about the fact that Christ didn't have a home while on this earth.  His grace enables you and me to enjoy so many blessings...all because He came!  The greatest blessing is a relationship with Him.  To walk with Him and know Him, to allow Him to make sense of all the hard things in our lives; and to One Day be with Him is the greatest blessing.

As I show you the rest of my picture tour of my home, I'm very mindful of the truths I just mentioned, and give Him the glory for the grace blessings He pours out so abundantly.  Without Him, my house would just be a structure.  Because of the Lord Jesus Christ, my house has become a home where love abounds through Him.

Now, on with the last half of the house tour...

The three bedrooms are upstairs.

The first guest room...

The middle guest room (still a work in progress)

The Master Bedroom (my favorite room in the house!)

 Master Bathroom with walk-in closet

 My little tree on the vanity decorated with ornaments and  jewelry. =)

I love this beautiful pine cone doorknob ornament a friend gave me years ago.  

I have a full-length mirror hanging inside my closet.
The first reason is obvious, but I also hung it there so it would reflect
the fireplace in the bedroom.  I love that I can see it there!

There you have it, friends!  Thanks for stopping by for a virtual visit.  Stop in for a "real" visit!

No matter where you live, it is a gift from God, whose Son left His home to make a way for you to be saved.  Now He's gone to make a place for us in heaven!  Rejoice in His birth on this Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas!

With love from my country home,

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