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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Peek From my Porch

I haven't done a lot of pictures of my house yet - just little snips here and there.  That's on purpose.  For one, I'm still settling in, AND then I'm wanting our church people to stop in and see it before it gets posted here.  We have our Open house next weekend, so I'm saving my Christmas photos until after that.   However, I thought I'd give you a little peek today of my favorite room (however, that changes by the hour!)  and its Christmas touches.

This is my bedroom, but it's also the place where I'm enjoying having my quiet time with the Lord on these winter days.  I love being able to create a cozy place to meet with the Lord.  This is my current spot.  I don't think it could get any cozier!  I never thought I'd have a fireplace in my home, but to have two is an extra-special grace blessing from the Lord. I don't deserve God's goodness, and I marvel in it every single day.  On these recent cold mornings, I've been enjoying sitting up close to the fire while I open my Bible and hear from the Lord.

I've decorated my mantle with white lights and greenery and a little splash of red.  The Christmas tree there is one I made years ago from pieces of wood.  It's flat on the back, and hangs on the wall.  It's perfect for a spot that needs a tree, but not a full-sized one.  I'm not a fan of huge television screens hanging on my wall; I'd rather have something pretty!  If I ever hung over the mantle, I'd put one of those beautiful covers over it, or the lovely woodwork around it.  Something like this picture I found...

So much nicer than a wall mount braket thingy. Flat screen TV frame

But for now it's just ...

Not sure why my tall lamp is a white-out, but that's what the "glow" up there is!
Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas?

From my country porch,


Beckynndanna said...

Oh Denise I remember this tree, all of ladies at Grace made them that year. My grandmother who is deceased now needed a tree so I gave mine to her, it would look great on our fireplace. Wish I had it back, don't know whatever became of it. A fireplace in the bedroom, so romantic, would love that.

Denise said...

Oh, I'm sorry you don't have your tree, Becky. Maybe Mr. Handy could make you another one! I've always hung mine in the bedroom so I could have a tree in there. It brings sweet memories of our crafting times!

Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort said...

Love having a tree in our bedroom! It does make it extra cozy. And I'm with you, I much prefer the "built-in" TV look. Someday. =)

Denise said...

A home is always a work in progress, Whitney. It'll happen in time. =)