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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Good and the Bad

In this lovely autumn season, have you looked at the setting around you and wondered, "If this earth is this beautiful, how beautiful will heaven be?!"  In all its splendor, it is tainted with sin.  There is coming a Day, however, when its beauty will be diminished, in comparison to the glory we will witness in heaven.  One author put it this way,

"C.S. Lewis once observed that his life is only "shadow lands" compared with the glory to come.  Even life at its best is but a shadow of heaven...We experience the joy of marriage, knowing it is the foretaste of an even greater joy; the heavenly marriage feast of the Lamb (Revelation 19:9).  We enjoy the beauty of God's creation, knowing it is the foretaste of an even greater beauty; the beauty of glory of heaven (Revelation 21:23).  Take delight in the good things God gives you.  Don't be too preoccupied to "smell the roses"!...Every one of His good gifts should remind us of the glory to come!"  The wonder of creation will be even better!

On the other hand, we should also remember that the difficulty and trials we face here are as bad as our future in eternity will be.  It will be gone forever, without even a remembrance of its pain.  This is as bad as it's going to get for the believer!  Sickness, death, hurts, pain, disease, will be gone.  Forever.  In heaven all wrongs will be made right.  It will only get better.

The other good news is that Jesus could come TODAY.  At that moment, the good gets better and the bad is annihilated for those that have trusted Christ as their Savior.  With that assurance, you can face today!  Listen for the shout!

Does that news encourage you? 

With love,

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Debby Whitsitt said...

ABSOLUTELY! I am encouraged and soooo ready for heaven~ d