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Friday, November 22, 2013

Freshen Up Friday

In my preparations for Thanksgiving Day, what a blessing to know that my family is helping out immensely by bringing dishes to accompany the turkey and dressing.  My only (frightful) thought is how I'm going to warm everyone's dishes.  The oven will be baking the rolls after the turkey is done, so what do I do with the vegetable dishes that are being brought?  Then I had a thought...

Crock pots!
Though there's not always room in the oven or stove top, there are always outlets!  If everyone brings their dishes that need to be warmed in a crock pot, we can find an outlet for them to plug into until it's time to eat.  I'm thinking about setting up a table in the garage near an outlet.  I'll plug in a power cord and we'll have all the crock pots sit there where they will be out of the way while the last minute preparations of gravy making and ice tea pouring take place!

Would that refresh you as you prepare for Thanksgiving?  If you're a guest, consider bringing your dish in a crock pot.  You might ask your hostess if you need to bring a bowl to serve the dish in after its been warmed sufficiently.  

How are your Thanksgiving preparations coming?  Have you had any ideas that would refresh others?

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,


Kimberly Ledford said...

I LOVE this idea! I'm not the head cook at Thanksgiving, but this year will be our first Christmas not traveling, and I cannot wait to put this to use!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Serving right out of the crock pot would work too! Living Simple.