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Friday, November 15, 2013

Freshen Up Friday

Yesterday I posted about planning ahead for Thanksgiving by making a list weeks away and moving up to the day.  A dear friend of mine, Kim Ledford, has  recently discovered another great way to work ahead.  By packaging up the ingredients for baked goods and then adding the fresh ingredients when it's time to make it she saves time and energy!

 First let me introduce you to Kim.

This lovely young woman is a stay-at-home mom. She believes this is the place where she can best serve the Lord and her family.  She and her husband, James, have a one year old, Hadley, who keeps them on their toes!  A baby boy is on the way to add his joy to their home! Her laugh is infectious, her personality bubbly and her desire to grow evident.   Kim loves the Lord and is hungry to be the woman God would want her to be.

Out of her  desire for fellowship and Christian friendship, Kim joined a MOPS group.  It was there that she learned more homemaking skills, such as prepping for this Apple Pie.  Let's take a look at the process and the results!

Here's a picture of the end results:

While at their MOPS group, they prepped these bags:

All she had to do was add the apples to the filling ingredients and pour them into her crust (homemade or store bought will work just fine!).  Then she added butter to the topping and sprinkled it over the top of the pie.

She popped it into the oven to bake, waited while her house smelled amazing, 
and then took it out.
Easy as...Pie! =)

Here's the whole recipe:

Apple Streusel Crumb Pie
·         (1) unbaked 9” pie shell
·         (3) large granny smith apples, peeled cored, and thinly sliced
·         ½ cup sugar
·         ¼ teaspoon salt
·         ½ teaspoon cinnamon
·         ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
·         1 tablespoon flour

Topping Ingredients:
·         1 Cup flour
·         1 teaspoon cinnamon
·         ½ cup packed light brown sugar
·         3 tablespoons of oats
·         ½ cup butter, softened

1.       Preheat oven at 375 degrees with a cookie sheet on the center rack. Mix peeled and sliced apples in a large bowl with sugar, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and flour.
2.       Pour apple mixture into pie crust
3.       Make the streusel crumb topping by mixing together with a fork in a medium bowl the flour, cinnamon, and light brown sugar. Then mix in the softened butter with a fork, stirring and blending until the mixture resembles crumbs.
4.       Top the pie with the crumb topping, place on cookie sheet in the preheated oven and bake for 40-45 minutes until the crust is a deep golden brown and the filling bubbles!

A note from Kim:

 My MOPS group prepackaged the filling and topping ingredients in zip-lock bags. Then, all we had to do was peel, core, & chop the apples, mix with the filling mixture, add butter to the topping mixture, and put it in the pie in the oven and bake! SUPER SIMPLE & FAST if you prepare the mixtures beforehand! Then when you need to bake a pie quickly, you can!  

Thanks for sharing this with us, Kim!

You can do this same kind of procedure for muffins, biscuits, pie crust, cakes, brownies or cookies.  Simple separate the dry ingredients that are added in, put  them in a Ziploc bag, label the bag and then store until you need it!  I will also write on the Ziploc the cookbook and the page number where I'll find the rest of the recipe.

Freshen up your preparations by prepping ahead!

Be refreshed,


Kimberly Ledford said...


I am so honored to have my pie featured on your blog! It really was such a wonderful treat for my family, and we are definitely going to be making more! Serving our families really is a joy when you do it in obedience to God.

I loved your idea about adding the cookbook and page number to your ziplock bags. That was definitely a new thought for me, and I look forward to putting that one into action!

Denise said...

You are a blessing, Kim. Thanks for sharing with us!