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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Using Your Blessings to Further the Kingdom

I have a guest writing today's post; my sister Sharee.  In a message I received from her Monday morning, she shared what a blessing it had been to have visiting missionaries in their home during their church's Missionary Conference.  When I heard her recount to me the joy she and her husband, Tim had received by being their hosts, I asked her if she would share about her experience on my blog; I knew it would encourage your heart. It goes right along with my husband's message Sunday concerning the treasure that we each have - that of the Gospel - that we can share with others.   Read on and see for yourself how Tim and Sharee are spreading their treasure.

A Blessing in Disguise
Sharee Patrick

The painting and scarf here were gifts from the missionary to her hosts;
how thoughtful!
In preparation for the upcoming Mission's Conference at our church this past week, our pastor preached a sermon from Psalm 67.  The message was an important reminder that as Christians, it's our responsibility to spread the Gospel message for all to hear.  He also posed a question that kept going through my mind, "God, why have I been blessed? How may I use these blessings to further your Kingdom?"

Two weeks ago my husband and I were asked to host one of the six Missionary families that would be serving at our Missions Conference this week.  We quickly recalled the wonderful experience we had the last time a Missionary stayed with us and were eager to accept the invitation once again. 

We were told that our Missionary couple was about our age and empty nesters, as we are, and that they would be with us for six days and would be arriving after the Wednesday evening kick off service.  Earlier in the week I had freshened the guestroom with clean sheets, opened the window to fill it with the fall breeze, threw a cozy throw across the bed, and placed a tray on the dresser that held two bottled waters, a couple of magazines, a house key with our address, note pad and pen and a small box of fancy cookies.  All for the Missionaries to enjoy.

That Wednesday I thought everything was on schedule.  I had just enough time to bake a pumpkin cake and freshen up before leaving for the church service. Just about that time I received a call from one of our ministers that our missionaries had arrived in town much earlier and were in hopes of being able to settle in before church.  Immediately, the "Martha" came out in me and I was tempted to say no, I'm not prepared just yet.  When God spoke to me, reminding me to be "Mary" instead.  They weren't here for cake or to see me dressed for church, they were here to share how God was using them in the Mission field and how we could pray for and assist them in their ministry. I agreed, set out apples I had just purchased at the orchard with caramel sauce, and quickly combed my hair.

Upon arrival they expressed their gratitude in having the opportunity to unpack, shower and rest before the service that evening.  From that minute on, I can't tell you what a blessing their visit was for my husband and I.  You see, Missionaries are Christians just like anyone else that is saved.  They have a need for fellowship away from their mission field, a time to laugh, share, and be reminded that we care for them. If you've never ventured out to open your home to one, I encourage you to pray, "Lord why have you blessed me?"

By opening up their home to host these dear missionaries, they had a part in their ministry in Ecuador.  They didn't fly across the world to a foreign land, or stand to preach a sermon, but by refreshing God's servants, they were taking part in their effort to spread the treasure of the Gospel.
What can you do today or this week to help spread the Gospel and to make known the riches of salvation to those around you? 

With love,

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