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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Refresh Yourself

It's Thursday.  How are you doing?  Really.  How are you?  Exhausted?  Overrun with tasks?  Weary of all the "doing?"  More than likely, one of those phrases define your life.  That's how women run...full steam ahead.  We run until we drop.

The name of my blog - "Refresh Her" was also an emphasis in the one of the retreat sessions in Alaska - the need for refreshing yourself.  We all need it.  What are you doing to see that you get refreshed?

The greatest need is daily refreshment in the Word of God.  I know I hammer this all the time, but that is because I'm constantly running into people who think they can get by with a little ditty - a verse on their daily flip desk calendar- a nice little thought to get them motivated.  Wrong.  We need daily infiltration of God's Word.  I trust that studying the bible is your daily habit.  Without it, you are running on empty.  No wonder you're frustrated.

The next thing you can do to refresh yourself is get some exercise.  Walk.  Run.  Bike.  Play tennis.  Move.  It will do you more good than you know!

Another part to refreshment is fellowship with others.  Go to lunch or coffee.  Meet with others for a small group Bible study.  Pray together.  Encourage one another.

So, seek refreshment, if you're not doing so already.  It will make a difference in how you view the rest of your week!

What do you do to refresh yourself?

Be refreshed!

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