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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Peek from my Country Porch

I love to doodle and draw.  The picture/chalkboard that I have on the mantle in the living room gives me a great opportunity to draw with a purpose.  I found a great idea for my fall decor.  So I changed out my chandelier drawing for this one:

Autumn, the year's last,
loveliest smile.
Do you draw or doodle?  Paint?  Sketch?  What do you do that is on the crafty side that begs for release?

Pastor's Encouragement:  Pray that your pastor will seek God for personal revival, and revival in your church and community.

Husband Encouragement:  Jesus led a balanced life.  He grew mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.  As you see your husband branching out in these areas, is there a pattern of growth?  Is your husband striving for balance in his life?  If so, let him know you  have noticed, and ask how you can further encourage him.

My husband and I have the privilege of serving the Lord in Alaska this weekend and we fly out this afternoon from Atlanta!  We are excited at this wonderful opportunity!  I'll be speaking to some dear ladies at a retreat on Friday and Saturday, and he will be preaching on Sunday.  Will you pray that the Lord will use His Word to encourage and challenge these dear folks?  Pray for strength and wisdom as we go.  Thank you!

With love from my country porch,


comehomeforcomfort said...

I still think your mantle is the loveliest spot in your house! Love that chalkboard!

Denise said...

Coming from you - Mrs. Come home for Comfort - I take that as a high compliment! Thank you!