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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

He Is Able

I knew it was going to fall!  I could see it coming!  Yesterday Alli and I were shopping together.  There was a small table leaning against a wall with a wooden insert that was set inside it, also leaning against the wall.  Alli pulled the table towards her, looking for a price, and it was as if I was watching in slow motion.  The insert was falling towards her sandaled foot.  It came to a crash, landing on that small bone just behind her big toe.  I couldn't stop it.  I couldn't say anything.  I could only stand and watch it happen in a matter of seconds that seemed to last a half hour.

The pain and throbbing began shortly after.  Then came the bruising.  Then a numbness to the rest of her leg.  Then a visit to the First Assist office to get an X-Ray.

Why do these things happen?  Oh, I know; it's because it was Monday!  Wrong.  Is it because she's done something horrible and God is punishing her?  No.  The truth is, we don't really know why the Lord allowed this, but we know that He has a plan and it is unfolding even as we wait the result of the X-Ray.

As a parent, we wish these kinds of things didn't happen to our children.  We want to protect them from hurtful experiences, hard times and painful situations, whether it's physical or emotional.  But the truth is, they need them.  It's these times that run them to the Lord instead of Mom and Dad.  We can't always be there to "bale them out," but the Lord promises never to leave them.  He will show His love, His comfort, His presence when we are unable to do so.  Even while our children are still in the home, they need opportunities to trust God, to know indeed that, "He's Able, He's Able, I know he is able!  I know  my God is able to carry me through!"

Perhaps the Lord is using this to prepare Alli to trust Him when she gets married and finances are tough, or she and Andrew are far away from their parents and they have a need.  She can write this time down and remember how God pulled her through - broken bone or not.  I don't know why this happened but this I do know:

He will sustain.  He will provide.  
He will comfort.  He will guide.  
I know He is able!

Let the Lord prove Himself to your children, even when it hurts you more than it does them.

With love,

P.S.  The bone was not broken, but badly bruised.  She came home with a boot on and orders to keep off of it for a bit.  Thank you, Lord.

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