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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Do I Have Problems with Others Because...

In a sweet little book I've had for years, With Love and Pinch of Salt by Jessie Sandberg, I found this.  It's worth reading and contemplating!

Do I have Problems with Other People Because:

  1. I am too sensitive and overract?
  2. I tend to say whatever I feel regardless of the consequences?
  3. I tend to remember the slights and mistreatments of others?
  4. My voice is too loud?
  5. I answer back to people too quickly?
  6. I excuse myself when I take out my frustrations and discomforts on other people?
  7. I am stingy with my smiles?
  8. I tend toward a sour disposition?
  9. I try to "get even" when I have been mistreated?
  10. I remind others of their failures?
  11. I frequently feel misunderstood?
  12. I always see the difficulties in every situation?
  13. It is hard for me to be kind to those who are beneath my station?
  14. I tend to complain and nag?
  15. I dislike giving credit where credit is due?
I have to be honest, one or two of those got me.  I think we'd all have to admit we are guilty of something on this list.  I'm making it a matter of prayer, so that the Lord might change me, and allow better relationships for His glory! Will you join me?

With love,

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