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Friday, May 31, 2013

Freshen Up Friday

This wonderful warm weather and sunshine is a sweet reminder that summer is here!  Woo-hoo!  It's time to add some summer charm to your home.  Here are a few suggestions to freshen up your life early on this summer!

  • Gather all the old issues of magazines from the summer months.  Scour through them and get some fresh ideas for your yard, a summer wreath, refreshing and cool treats for the summer, and places to visit.
  • Plan to head to your Farmer's market this weekend for fresh berries and see what other goodies they may have to offer!

  • Pick up some pieces of china at a yard sale.  Fill a basket with mismatched china, vintage tablecloth and napkins and have it ready for an impromptu picnic.

  • If you have a clothesline, hang your sheets outside.
  • Get your feet ready for your sandals and give yourself a pedicure.

  • Fix up your back deck or patio so it's inviting for summer breakfast, lunch and/or dinners!  Set out some containers of flowers, add party lights, add pillows to your chairs and porch swing, add a blanket for an evening view of the summer sky!

  • Add some pretty ribbon or twine to your hand-held garden tools so you can hang them in a convenient place.
  • Put a cotton quilt on the grass in the shade and read to your children.  Enjoy lunch out there too!
Why not take the kitties out too? =)

Hope one or more of these ideas will refresh these beginning of summer days for you!

See you in church!

Be refreshed,


Whitney said...

love those kittens!! =)

Denise said...

I thought of you when I posted that picture!

Kimberly L said...

Love the photo of the flowers at the top of your post... lots of great ideas! I think I'll put a few of those into practice this week! Thanks!

Denise said...

Yes, that photo is typically me-shabby chic! You must have an eye for it, too! You'll be able to decorate that new house just fine!