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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family Appraisal

We recently had our house appraised. A man walked through with measuring tape and a clipboard.  He took pictures.  He measured.  He made notes.  The appraisal of a home lets the bank know how much a house is worth.

Yesterday I read in Proverbs 15:6 ~ 

In the house of the righteous is much treasure 

I wonder if each of us is mining out the treasure that we have within the walls of our house?  Oh, I don't mean the financial worth, but the treasures that the Lord gives a family.

How about if we take out the measuring tape, clipboard and camera and make an assessment?  What kind of a price tag would you put  on spending time every single day with your children?  Is that a worthwhile goal for you? Are you taking advantage of these days?  Or have you gotten pulled into the mindset of the world that in order for your family to "have it all," both parents must bring in a paycheck?  I know there are some situations where that is true, but I wonder if we're shortchanging ourselves, our children, and our God by assuming that it will never work?

Of course there will have to be cut backs.  Consider:

  • Homemade meals ~ rather than restaurant food
  • One car ~ rather than two
  • Less big events ~ more family-made time
  • Less paid entertainment ~ more of the creative kind
  • Less spending ~ more frugality
The benefits will far outweigh the things we think we'd miss.  I don't regret one day that I stayed home with my girls.  I was there watching them grow up, teaching them the things we felt they needed to learn, and disciplining them when things went south.  

Our family times are truly treasures in my heart.  How I thank the Lord for the opportunity to enjoy the riches of a family.  If you have a family, perhaps it's time to get an appraisal - see how much your family is worth, and then get the most our of every minute the Lord gives you!

With love,


Whitney said...

thanks for staying home with us! your love of home and for family impacted my life tremendously...even if you did lock us out of the house and make us drink out of the hose! ha! =)

Denise said...

You made me laugh! Poor thing! Playing outside on a lovely day did you only good! I can get you the name of a support group, if you'd like. :)