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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Wow.  It's May 1st - May Day!  The yard at the parsonage is coming alive.  Each morning when we walk, I love looking at what's sprouting and growing.  The yard has really changed in the years we've lived here.  I took a walk around the yard yesterday afternoon to see what's blooming or beginning to bloom.  How about walking with me?

See the bunny near the middle of the picture?  Adorable.

Thyme in the bundt pan that fits around my umbrella on the table.
Love this - it's so accessible and makes a pretty centerpiece.

Liza is only allowed to go out and stay up on the deck.
I took this picture from the side of the deck floor.
She's a little irritated that I won't let her follow me.
My HUGE Knock-out Rose Bush.
I let it grow tall to hide the gutter and electric meter box.

Clematis that I bought for $1 at Lowes 2 years ago.
It's filled with blooms!

Iris hidden in the Day lilies.
I think the wind blew the seeds in there.

Dogwood outside the shed

Hey, Come get me!  

Chives in bloom in my herb garden

The Rosemary that will soon take over the backyard!

I love these wild strawberries down by the lower patio.

I'm still waiting!
This vine is special - it was given to me by Jim Ward,
who went to heaven a week and half ago.

Daisies grown from seeds my sis gave me several years ago.

Love the way this vine is climbing the stairs.

See?  I'm still sitting here, just like you told me to!
My yard needs some major attention.  I hope to get to it very soon. I need to prune and weed and add some mulch.  I'll also add my annuals after Mother's Day, but still, I thank the Lord for all He is allowing to grow and bud in my parsonage yard.  

What do you hope to add to your yard this year?

From my parsonage yard,


Whitney said...

obviously the cutest part of your post is Liza Jane...but your yard IS lovely. I'm hoping to keep the pot of flowers on my front porch alive this summer. Baby steps! =)

Alli Cunningham said...

Liza Jane is adorable! I want to cuddle with the little furball!

Dianne said...

Isn't it fun to have things from other people's yards? I would love to start a new flower bed around our shed. Maybe I could get some of YOUR daisy seeds and sow them!

Denise said...

I know Liza is cute-that's why i added her! Baby steps are best in any yard!

Denise said...

She would let you! Why but come while we're away? :)

Denise said...

Yes, I have Daisies from you, many things from Mom, and lots of friends have shared with me as well. I'll happily share with you, but you must come get them!