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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day #23 House Cleaning Challenge

The challenge was to vacuum and sweep all the floors in the house
My progress was that I:

  • Dust mopped the bathrooms, kitchen, living room and hallway.
  • I wet mopped the bathrooms and kitchen
  • I used the Johnson One Step Wax on the hardwood
    • This stuff takes off the old wax and puts on a new coat all in one step!  
  • I vacuumed all the carpeting
Using my new Swiffer Cover (that I made) on the floors.  It works GREAT!  

Before waxing

After waxing (and before finishing the vacuuming job on the stairs.  That's why the vacuum extension is in the hallway).

Did you do today's challenge?  Have you made any Swiffer covers yet?


Whitney said...

I LOVE my swiffer cover! I meant to tell you that the other day. It gets cat hair off my wood floors so much better than a broom.

Denise said...

So glad!