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Friday, April 19, 2013

Day #19 House Cleaning Update

What a difference a clean front porch can make!  It's far more inviting than one that's covered in cob webs, weeds around the door, and December's snowman decoration dangling pitifully from  the eves of the house!  Today's challenge was to clean up the entryway of your home. I took that as the front porch.  Here's what I found at my front and side doors...

My lilies are really popping up, but unfortunately, so are the weeds!  I got busy and got rid of the dandelions - easpecially the whopper growing right at the front porch entry!

I swept the porch and walkway, wiped the lantern out, and weeded the flowers at the walks.

                               I also added a pot of ivy and a small rose bush in a pot.

My Easter wreath was still on the side door.  Time to take it down.

I hung my Pink Daisy wreath.  It's just Happy!

Now my front door says, "Welcome" instead of "The Munsters live here!"   So, come see me!

How did your cleaning go today?

1 comment:

Whitney said...

I went out to move the flowers on my front steps and noticed there were tons of pollen fronds all over the porch! Once it stops pouring I'm getting out there and cleaning it up.