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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day #16 House Cleaning Update

Deep cleaning the bathroom(s) was today's challenge.  I did it!  I have a couple other projects I want to do in there, like wash the shower curtain, but the bathrooms are clean.


 Shower wiped down, washcloths tossed into laundry, toilet and sink cleaned.
Things in general just straightened up!

Sink and mirror cleaned, towels replaced with fresh ones.

Much better!  Anyone else take today's challenge?

With love,


thebungalowbrood said...

Oh I just love the lamp on the counter! Wish my bathroom could accommodate one like that too :). Great job on cleaning today!

Luba said...

Wow! You did a great job cleaning. :) I cleaned the bathroom, including the shower door. Replacing the towels is also important but sometimes gets forgotten. Your bathroom is so beautiful!

Denise said...

Thank you! I was so pleased the day I thought to add that lamp there! It gives good task lighting for makeup application, but also adds a warmth to a room that is otherwise not too welcoming!

Denise said...

Thanks! It is all the little things we do that make us say, "ahhh, I love my home!" That's how i want My family to respond! :)

Marie Tess said...

Thanks for posting this. It encouraged me to clean my bathroom and my children's bathroom, too. My husband commented "wow it's so clean and it looks like a model home." You have really helped me Denise from memorizing verses to the simple cooking and your blog is always an encouragement. I thank God for your ministry.

Denise said...

Marie,thank you for your sweet words. I thank the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to minister to women in little ways. It's such a blessing. Thanks for having a teachable spirit and a desire to grow - and for stopping in to read! You have encouraged my heart!