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Friday, May 25, 2012

Freshen Up Friday

Last Saturday was a bad day.  Things had happened that made me hard to live with upset me. =) Then at 4:00 in the afternoon my husband and I headed to Kingsport to ride the Greenbelt bike path with church friends.  I was looking forward to going, but I wasn't sure I would be very good company.  But you know what?  Getting on my bike and heading out that beautiful path did wonders for my heart...and my attitude! 

We fed the ducks...

Rode along a beautiful path that took us along a stream...

and forestry where the cicadas sang to us the song they sing in summertime.

At every turn there was nothing but beauty.

Do you want to refresh yourself after a wearisome week?  Get outside!  Enjoy the beauty of these early summer days.  Go get some exercise, be it walking, biking, swimming, or hiking.  Get out the badminton or croquet set and play a game in the backyard in the cool evening. 

Since this is Memorial Weekend perhaps you have a longer weekend - enjoy it outside. You will amazed at how it will refresh you!

Be refreshed!

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