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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I have a new office for a couple of days.  I'm in Atlanta kind of "chilling" while my  husband attends board meetings for the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship.  I attended the first part of their business meeting last night, then was graciously excused by my husband.  No offense, but while I'm all for contending for the faith, their gatherings could use some know, like fancy edged scissors, glitter and scrap booking paper.  How pretty the men's folders containing their minutes and agenda would be if the wives could get their crafty hands on them for an hour or two!  I doubt that's going to happen.  Anyway, while he was in there having the next session and discussing tons of words that end in "i-s-m," I found my way back to our room to blog,  rest, and get refreshed. Ahhh....

I am so grateful to be able to attend these meetings with him, now that we have an empty nest.  While I was homeschooling, I stayed home during these times to "hold the fort down" and, of course, keep school going.   Even though I have very little to contribute to his time here, it's just a blessing that we can be together on the drive down, during meals and at night.  We missed Valentine's Day because of this scheduled event, but that's really okay.  As I stated in my Facebook status last night, though this was an unusual Valentine's Day for us, this is the essence of what love is all about - just being together and enjoying the the mere presence of one another. If that sounds corny or boring, you don't know Dale Cunningham!  It's true.  We love each other and we love being together. 

You know what's really funny to me?  People often tease us saying, "I wish you guys acted like you love each other!"  The thing that prompts those remarks is that we sit close.  We hold hands.  He puts his arm around me.  We talk.  We whisper and laugh. We have tons of fun just being us. I don't believe we ever act in a way that's inappropriate, but I guess it's just different from many couples that are married for 30 years.  Boy, I feel sorry for others that think we're strange.  We just like being together.  That's why we got married!  =)  Yep.  We have tons of fun as a couple.  And that's what it's like inside our parsonage. Fun. 

Do you need to bump up the "fun" level in your marriage?  Don't wait until next Valentine's Day!  Look for a fun element to add to your lives - even if it's just sitting close.  Life is too short not to enjoy the blessings God gives, and that includes marriage. 

With a thankful heart,


Whitney said...

Enjoying your spouse can become a habit. So many married people have made a habit of acting like they have to just "put up" with their spouse. Choose to enjoy instead of endure being married is so much more fun!

Debby said...

"Choose to enjoy instead of endure being married is so much more fun!"

Today I choose. My husband asked me to go on a field trip with him today to look at a piece of machinery in another town. (Ummmm My plan for the day was to take the comforters to the laundromat.)! He just brought me the first daffodil he found in the woods.

I'm speechless~ Debby

Denise said...

So's all about a choice every single day.

Hope you had a fun "field trip," Debby!

matlock626 said...

We too had an unusual Valentine's Day and we loved it. We went to CARE for that night and visited a friend of mine that just had a heart attack and is in the hospital. It wasn't our ideal Valentine's night but it was precious sharing Christ together to this family who needs to draw near to Christ. Being able to share Christ and be with my husband all in the same evening was a wonderful way to spend Valentine's. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Hope you are enjoying your time away. Praying for you.