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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Headaches, computers, NASCAR & the stuff of life!

Headaches.  Migrane headaches.  They can cause a person to literally bang their head against the wall, not see straight nor think straight, feel miserable all over, want no light shining in the room or in their eyes, and/or cry out for some kind of relief.  Well, that's the story of my wife Tuesday and last night.

Computers.  Broken down computers. They can cause headaches, especially when they refuse to work properly or just flat out crash.  Well, that's the story of my wife's computer.  It's in the shop due to a nasty trojan that treated the virus protection like a jello wall of enforcement. 

RefreshHer.  "Coming into the pits for a can of Sunoco fuel and a track bar adjustment" (For those who are lost right now, this is NASCAR lingo).  I sent Denise to bed after coming home from prayer meeting (that's the fuel), and I've taken up the duty of posting on her blog in her place (track bar adjustment).

Now, headaches and computers fit into the category of "the stuff of life."  You are probably thinking of many other things that relate to that subject right now.  Question---How do you stay "refreshed" in the midst of "the stuff of life"?  Well, you need "fuel" that comes only from the daily intake of the Word of God.  Just as the 88 or 14 or 48 can't stay on the race track without it, you can't stay on track in the stuff of life without the Word.  The Word is your necessary companion.  The Word is life; the Word is Christ.  He wants to continually refresh you.

No need to explain a "track bar adjustment," but suffice it to say that it has to do with the handling of the car by the driver in the corners of the race track.  How do you handle the "stuff of life"?  Only through the adjustments that comes through the Word of God.

What does the Bible have to say about headaches and computers crashing?  2 Corinthians 5 reminds us that this earthly body is groaning "earnestly to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven" (5:2). There have been many times when Denise has said, "The pain is so bad, I wish I could go to Heaven."  It is hard for Denise to think during a severe headache, but she is often reminded that there is coming a day when "absent from the body, present with the Lord" (5:8) will be for her---no headaches forever!!!  Groaning now; glory forever (4:16-18)!!!  As for computers, they are temporal (4:16-18), and therefore, will crash.  Only God is eternal.  The Word is the "adjustment" we need in the stuff of life.

Headaches.  Computers.  The stuff of life.  You need refreshment?  Don't just read the Bible; meet with the Author.  Come into the pits.  Not for a quick splash of fuel, but for a "full tank" of His presence.  Then you'll be ready for the stuff of life.

(Taking care of some of the stuff of life for my sweet wife and . . . looking forward to another season of racing.)


Beckynndanna said...

Denise, I'm so sorry to hear you have another of those nasty headaches. I remember how sick they make you. Pastor thank you for the word of refreshment, it's so good to hear you preach it again even if it is by way of computer. But, I can visualize you preaching it and hear it in my head. Wish I could be there to help. Miss you guys terribly.

Michelle Adams said...

Ahh what fun to read! NASCAR replies in every area of life, doesn't it? :) Thanks for being a great nurse to Denise, praying for you all this weekend!

Christina said...

Praying for Mrs. C! Thanks for the post Pastor C!

Linda G. said...

Great post Pastor C. Denise is very blessed to have you, but you are very blessed to have Denise.

Whitney said...

talkin' my language, dad! love it!

(good message, too) ;)

Denise said...

Though I didn't understand ALL the lingo, the message that came across to my heart was to run to the Word "when the car breaks down." ~How'd I do, Hon?~ =) Another message I got loud and clear is that a husband who will post on his wife's paisley blog is a true man! Thanks, Sweetheart! You're the best!

The Weigle Family said...

Way to go Pastor Cunningham! It was a homerun. Thanks for helping out while Denise was resting! Hope you all are well.

The Weigle Family said...

Way to go Pastor Cunningham! You hit a homerun. It was just what I needed for the day. Thanks for stepping in and helping out while Denise is recovering. Denise-feel better soon! Praying for you.

The Weigle Family said...

so I just double posted...sorry everyone! lol