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Friday, February 24, 2012

Freshen Up Friday

Isn't it amazing how you can overlook something in your house that is looking a little worn, outdated, or even dirty?  We go about our daily routine without paying much attention.  Recently when I was on my hands and knees washing the kitchen floor (don't be impressed, I use a mop most of the time!), I looked over at the cabinet inches from my face and said, "oh my goodness!"  I hadn't noticed how worn the paint was on the edges, or the little splashes on the cabinet front caused by cooking and washing dishes!  So now, I have a project I'd love to tackle this spring - refreshing my kitchen cabinets.

My cabinets are painted white, and I changed out the hardware for knobs a few years back, but the cabinets themselves are showing their age.  I'd love to spiff  them up somehow, without spending much money.  How about you?  Do your kitchen (or bathroom) cabinets need a touch up?

I went looking on the Internet and found some beautiful Pictures, which are all from Better Homes and Gardens web site.  What great ideas are here!  I had a friend tell me recently that looking at beautiful magazine pictures discouraged them and made them want what they saw.  In my case, it inspires me to make what I have a little better.  We can all improve things without coveting or being extreme.  Just do what you can afford and what makes your home a place that you love!  So, take a look and be inspired!

Crown molding added to these cabinets made them extra special!

Love the frosted glass.  Keeping the cabinets "perfect" wouldn't be as crucial as clear glass.
I also love the black paint!

Can I just say I love this?!  Chalkboard paint on one cabinet adds a pop of something different and makes you feel at home! 
I think a can of this paint is in my future!

Chicken wire fronts show off pretty glassware.  I'm sure this is more cost-effective than glass! 
My rooster dishes would be adorable behind this!

A glaze over paint gives this a softer appearance.

Distressing the cabinets after painting softens the look of the stainless appliances.

Maybe all you need to do is change the hardware.  these pulls add a lovely touch!
What changes will you make to your cabinets?  Find any ideas here or know of something else you could share?

Be refreshed,

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