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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Anyone that knows my parents has probably been at least a little envious of their sweet, romantic marriage. I lived with them for 17 years before I left for college, and I know they ain't perfect! So how do they do it? I have been married for only 13 months, so I'm not in a place to offer any marriage advice. I'm taking all I can get! So, let's all peek inside the parsonage and learn from my parents.

Here are just three of the principles I learned from watching my parents' marriage in action.

This is what happens when the parents are on another continent...old pictures emerge! Haha!

1. Godly marriages take work

Every time mom and dad left the house to go on a date, they would say "we're going on a date to make a better home for you!" Even when times were very tough financially, they would run errands together or have supper at a little table in their bedroom with doors closed and candles lit.

My parents read books on marriage and attended couples retreats (gasp! they left their children overnight! see point #2). Mom has always been a student of the Bible, and I remember seeing "reminder" verses from Proverbs written on her daily planner to help her with areas she was working on.

What can you do this week to work on your marriage? 

2. Kids are important, but they don't take precedence over your marriage

We never slept in the bed with mom and dad. If a storm or bad dream woke us up, we were comforted and reassured...and dumped back in our cold sheets! =) Now that I'm married, I realize the wisdom of that move.

If I asked my dad permission for something like having a friend spend the night, his first words were always, "did you ask your mom?" and vice versa. I knew there was no way I could manipulate them by getting one person "on my side."

Have you let your kids "crawl in bed" between you and your spouse (so to speak)? Dump them back on their cold sheets. They'll thank you for it some day.

Lest you think we were neglected, here's proof that mom and dad spent time with us.
Great NASCAR memories with my dad! I love this picture so much!

3. Godly marriages require respect

Never one time have I heard my parents make a disparaging comment to someone else about the other. My mom never complained to me about my dad - I knew my parents thought the world of each other. I will add that my in-laws are exactly like this as well. I cringe every time I hear a pastor say something ugly or joke about his wife from the pulpit, I never heard that from my dad growing up.

Do you need to ask the Lord to keep a watch over your mouth? If you really struggle with the respect issue, I highly recommend the book Love and Respect

I am so thankful for the people that taught me a great, godly, fun marriage was possible! I have to also thank my Nana and Papa who are madly in love with each other. They are the kind of sweet companions I pray we will be! Additionally, I am grateful for my in-laws who modeled this kind of marriage to my husband. He is definitely a product of a godly marriage, and I am so thankful!  

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beckynndyanna said...

Whitney, John and I have learned much from your mom and dad through the years and I can truly say I have a Godly marriage with a man that is willing to stand up for me and love me no matter what. I am truly Blessed. Love the pics of your mom and dad!