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Friday, January 20, 2012

Farewell Friday

It's Friday!  Thank you all for hanging out with me these past two weeks. It's time for me to hand the blog back to the lady of Refreshher! I can't wait to see her pictures and hear her stories...I know you are excited for that, too.

Keeping with the "Freshen Up Friday" theme here on Refreshher, I thought I'd share a very simple Valentines Day decor idea.

My Nana used to send us vintage Valentines Day this one...


I kept all of them! So one year I cut them out and pasted them to heart shaped card stock. I've done several decorating things with them over the last few's this year's Vintage Valentine Project!

Yes, this picture is from my phone. Sorry for the horrible lighting....

I used double sided tape to attach the Valentines to the backing on the frame, and added a little ribbon and a silver pipe cleaner heart for some different textures. This was the inspiration for the love-day refresh that my living room bookshelf received. It's not quite done (I need one trip to Hobby Lobby for something floral to go on the bottom shelf) so just imagine the topiary on each side of the black frame, ok? Thanks. =)

I put black construction paper in the white picture frame and wrote our initials with chalk...I love free re-do's!

That's all I've got for you! Have a great weekend!

Whitney for...


beckynndanna said...

Whitney, you are so clever, just like your mom. Thank you for keeping her blog going while she was away. You did a wonderful job and I'm sure she is well pleased. I too can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all about their trip.

Christina said...

Thanks for keeping the blog going while your mom was gone! It was a blessing to still be able to come and read every day! Now I can't wait to see her & Pastor C on Sunday and hear all about their trip!

Linda G. said...

Whitney I have enjoyed reading your blogs. You need to start one of your own. You take after your mom. Glad they are home we have missed them. Thank you keep up your writing. They were a blessing.