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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Reason for Every Season

I'm sure it's always been an issue that people tend to get so busy at Christmas, that they don't focus on what Christmas is really all about.  I remember when the saying

Jesus is the reason for the season

became really popular.  It was on lapel pins, church signs, platters, cards and plaques.  The rhyming sentence made us refocus, if but for a moment, so we could reconsider and, if necessary, restructure our activities and make much of Christ.  He is indeed the reason for the season of Christmas.

As we celebrate this week, we need to keep that focus on Christ uppermost in our hearts, not only now, but also as the holiday passes and we move on to a new year.  We can't forget that because Christ came as a baby, He is the reason for EVERY season.

He is to be our focus in the season when we are young women.  It is Christ Who gives strength to youth.  Our energies are to be poured out for His glory.

He is to be the center of my marriage.  His love for me is my example in loving my husband.

He is to be our focus in the season of motherhood.  He is the reason we train our children.

 In middle age, the Lord makes the changes that come changes that can be accepted and even embraced, knowing He has a plan for my life - and for my grown children. 

As we age, we find ourselves thinking more about eternity and heaven, and a relationship with Christ makes the golden years reminders of what is awaiting us when we will see our Savior. 

He is the reason for the season of grief or rejoicing, trouble or joy,  prosperity or financial struggle. 

Whatever season of life you find yourself in today, remember that Jesus is the reason for your season of life!  He will supply for you.  He will guide you.  He will sustain you.  He will empower you.  He will work in you...because He's the reason for even this season.  Rejoice in that truth today!

With love,

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