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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Peek Inside the Parsonage

This is what Christmas inside the parsonage looks like this year.  Come on in for a look around...

Let's step into every one's favorite place to gather - the kitchen!

Here's my little skinny kitchen tree decorated with cookie cutters

My plate rack holds my Christmas dishes.  Here is also a beautiful Christmas potholder
made by one of the dear ladies in our church

Part of my snowmen collection is here on my kitchen shelf. 

I love this sign about hearts going home for's so true!

A friend gave me this sign not knowing I have an affinity for snowmen!

Now, down the hall to the guest room... it's really the only bedroom decorated for Christmas,
but its colors are perfect for it!

Love my little vintage-looking tree in the guest room.

Here are the Christmas touches in the living room.
I tried adding lots of white things in here this year.

The porcelain booties is the ornament we got to remember our Ashley who has enjoyed Christmas in heaven
with Christ for 24 years!

Love the battery operated lights I got at Michael's! 
They've been in several different arrangements since summer!

The piano acts as my mantle in the living room. Love this snow girl!  Isn't she cute?!

The Christmas tree reflects into the mirror on the piano!

My talented mom painted this.  I hang it above the piano during the winter months.  ~Love~
This is the foyer table in my entryway.  The guest book is awaiting your signature!

Know what we'd say if you came to visit?

Thanks for stopping by!

From inside my "Christmasy" Parsonage,


Debby said...

Denise, I just love your welcoming touches! thank you for sharing your ideas and showing the special touches you guys enjoy.

Loving you~ Debby

Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed it...I'd much rather have you visit in person though! =) Maybe in 2012?

Christina said...

I love all of your decorations! I like snowmen, too, but we mostly have penguins out since Ethan loves them so much. We only lightly decorated this year and only in the living room because I didn't want too much out to have to pack up after Christmas while trying to get ready for the baby, too! =)

Denise said...

Everything looks beautiful! I enjoyed seeing it all, since I can't see it in person. I love the skinny tree in the kitchen with cookie cutters on it, also the shelf there with your snowmen on it. A nice tour.

Denise said...

Thanks, Christina. I know Ethan enjoys the penguin collection!

I'm wondering who wrote the next comment - it wasn't me. Hmmm, someone is logged in on my name? Strange! Would the writer let me know who you are? Thanks. =)

M said...

It was me that left the comment! When I went to leave one, the only Google account option was with your name on it, and I didn't have to do the word verification, there wasn't one, so I thought, well they are doing this differently. It wasn't a Senior moment, I was truly mistified. Sorry

Denise said...

Oh, I'm glad it was you! No problem. Thanks for letting me know...and thanks for stopping in for a visit! =)

Trish said...

is that sign that says all hearts come home for christmas one that i gave you years ago? wow it looks familiar..:) miss you

Denise said...

Trish, it sure is! I LOVE that sweet sign. I also love the friend that gave it to me! Come to TN for a visit!

Marcy said...

My favorite was the candy-striped pillow in the guest room (I think I've spent a night in there :) and the little baby booties. thanks for the tour-it was fun!