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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lights That Shine

One day last week my husband and I were driving through a neighborhood.  As we passed by one home I could see many, many lights in the yard.  There were white cords hanging over bushes and fences, as well as brown plugs and extensions dangling from the rooftop like loose teeth in a first grader's mouth.  There was nothing attractive about it.  As we drove past, I considered what I had just seen, and knew that in a few hours when darkness fell, that little shabby house with the tangle of cords would be transformed into a twinkling fairyland.

What a vivid reminder that illustration is in our spiritual lives.  What looks to us like a tangled, ugly mess and arrives in the form of trials, troubles, disasters, difficulties, hardships or confusion can be turned into a thing of beauty when the darkness falls.  It's not until things get truly dark that our light can shine.  When we show our trust in the Lord and His Word in the midst of hard times, no longer is the mess seen because our light is shining instead.  Ye are the light of the worldMatthew 5:14 

What are others seeing in our lives...the mess of the dangling cords?  Or are they seeing our light that points them to the One Who is able to make beauty from ashes?  That will only happen if we are reacting to the trials with trust in our sovereign God.  That doesn't mean we don't have questions, but even in the midst of asking the Lord what He wants to teach us, we must be nodding with the understanding that whatever He is up to, He will make it beautiful in His time.  While we wait, though, we can let our lights shine!

With love,


Stephanie Boucher said...

Hello Denise!
This is Stephanie Boucher from the Ladies Retreat that we had gone to in Nova Scotia. I enjoy reading your blog each morning. But this morning your blog really touched my heart, brought tears to my eyes, and really an anwser to prayer! My husband works for his dad, and beside the shop sits a little empty house that he owns. We were offered to live there, but that means we'd have to sell our bigger size "Home". There's many advantages about living there, one, that my husband can walk to work instead of driving, a christian family next door, etc. We spent last weekend there to see how we'd adjust. We had so many wonderful memories here, but my husband says we can make new ones. That's true! I'm gonna print out your blog for today as a reminder for me, that God can make something beautiful out of this! I gave my husband an answer just now, and told him I'm ready to make new memories with him and the kids. God and my family is all that I "really" need. We're just pilgrims going through this life on earth, and an "eternal home" being prepared for us in Glory!! Thankyou again Denise! You're an inspiration! Hope to see you again someday! Hugs! :)

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing your burden with me. I'm humbled to hear that my post helped you come to grips with what the Lord is wanting to do in your life. Another truth that may encourage you is Proverbs 15:16 - Better is little with the fear of the Lord than great riches and trouble therewith.

You will be in my prayers as you make this adjustment and I'll be anxious to hear how the Lord works in your family during this time! Please keep me posted!

I loved my time with you dear ladies last month! What a blessing it was to my heart.

~Hugs to you, too, Friend!~

Stephanie said...

Hi Denise,
Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. For sure I will keep you posted!
A couple of days ago, my Aunt had prayed over the phone with me about the situation, and that God would give us peace about it. That's how I felt after much prayer and reading your blog. I'm just sooo amazed how God works, and His goodness to us! Now the only thing I'm finding hard to move, is leaving our neighbors(sniff, sniff). They are like family to us, and we love them dearly. But we're only ten minutes away, and we can still visit!
Thanks again, and have a very blessed day! :)