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Friday, December 16, 2011

Freshen Up Friday

One of the best things about holidays are the traditions that go with them.  They create special family ties and memories that can't be replaced by anything electronic!  They will long be remembered by your family with, "Remember how we always..."

One special tradition that has special memories for me was at Christmastime when my mom would purchase a taper candle and make 25 notches in it to mark each day in December, counting down to Christmas.  Each night at supper, we would burn the candle to the next notch.  It was such fun to have the flickering candle on the table and watch to see that it didn't burn past its allotted mark.  My sisters and I would take turns blowing it out each night.  We  knew how close Christmas was, simply by seeing how small the candle was getting with each passing day!  I carried this tradition to my family as well, maybe more for myself and the sentiment it brought.  I trust my girls remember it with fondness as I do.

If you're looking for a fun tradition, why not find a short taper candle (since it's more than half way through the month) and mark it for the remaining days 'til Christmas?  Not only does it create a memory for your family, it also provides family time at the dinner table.  You could also use the flame to create conversation about Jesus, the Light of the world.  Perhaps each evening you could also read  some Scripture about Christ's light and explain what it means.

Family times need refreshment, and a great way to experience that is with  traditions - maybe even a new one!  By the way, this isn't just for children, a couple, young or old, could hold this same tradition and make special memories together.

What traditions do you hold or remember having?

Be refreshed,

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