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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I have been on a search for a new desk for myself for quite some time.  My current desk, put together from K-Mart several years ago was wobbly from being scooted around during room changes! Those bolts don't take well to being tugged on over and over.  I need furniture that has a sign "will travel" because that is indeed what it will do at my house!  

I knew what I was looking had to be the off-white shabby chic kind of furniture because it would be standing in my living room.  I needed a little more table space than I had on my old desk, but it couldn't be massive.  A couple of drawers would be nice.  It needed to fit into my limited budget.  Up until last week my search hadn't been too fruitful.  Then, I was wandering through TJ Maxx (where else?) and was in a random department - not the furniture - and looked up and saw this gorgeous desk against the wall.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had found the look I wanted!  It met all my requirements!  Now, to see if the price was right.  Yes! Even $50 under! Take a look...

It's Broyhill - a good brand that will easily hold up to being moved around!  So now when I sit down to work on my blog, this is where I am seated! It's perfect, and it was worth the wait! Isn't the Lord good?  Now, on to the perfect chair!

Do you have a particular item you're shopping for? 

Seated at my new desk in my parsonage,

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of all the fun food gifts that were so cleverly wrapped and demonstrated for us at our ladies' fellowship. You won't want to miss it!


Whitney said...

love it! I like your picture arrangement above the desk...small pictures are so much cheaper than big ones. thanks for the inspiration. =)

Michelle said...

So cute! I've been on that same search for a desk, hope mine turns out as well as yours! :) And yes, you doesn't love TJMaxx, I do for sure!