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Friday, November 25, 2011

Freshen Up Friday

Congratulations!  You survived Thanksgiving!  Are you worn out from the preparations or the travel, shopping and visiting of it all?  What you need is rest.  Easier said than done, huh?.  I know.  But with the holiday in full swing now, we all need to make sure we're getting adequate rest. 

To refresh your body and prepare for the even busier days ahead, why not schedule an early bedtime in the next night or so?  Write it in on your calendar if you need to.  With it getting dark so early now, it's easy to pull on some comfy pajamas, and get into bed at least by 9:00.  Make the bed cozy with pillows to prop up in so you can read for a while, or watch a good Christmas DVD before you nod off.  If you have little ones, this shouldn't be harder for you than those that don't have young children.  Put them to bed, then head there yourself!

You'll be a better woman in the morning for having gotten some extra winks.  The dark circles will be less visible and you will feel rested and of course...refreshed!

See you in church Sunday!

With love,

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