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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Every Moment is a Gift

Take a deep breath.  I'm serious. Inhale.  That is a blessing!  Swallow.  That is a blessing.  Did you eat today?  Another blessing.  Do you have sight, smell, the ability to walk, work, and laugh?  All blessings.  I've experienced them all today, and I've learned that they really aren't so little.  What if they were all taken away tomorrow?  We would have wished we had been more thankful - that we had taken time to tell the Lord how grateful we were for the ability to live a somewhat "normal" life. 

After watching one of our dear church families lose all of this on Sunday after a meal, as a result of getting choked on a piece of meat, it's been very real to me that we have so much to be thankful for every single day. The people with whom we live, those that we love, can be taken from us in a matter of minutes.  Do we verbalize our appreciation for them? Or do we only talk about the frustrations they bring?  If we knew they'd be gone, or even changed forever in the next hour, how would we live differently right now?

I don't mean to sound so sober, but you know, when you watch someone else face death, it makes life sober indeed.  I have been thinking a great deal about the Lord's many undeserved blessings in my life.  I thank Him for my own salvation, for the godly parents that brought me up with a knowledge of God, for my sweet sisters, who not only shared my home, but my heart.  I have a husband that loves me, daughters that are such a blessing to me, a church family that others covet, and you dear readers of this blog!  I won't enumerate here in this post all the other things for which I'm grateful, but I will mention them to the Giver while on my knees in prayer.  I am so very blessed!

Oh, may I not grow apathetic and ungrateful for the smallest of blessings that all come from my great God's hands. This moment is a gift...and this one...and this one. Have you told Him thank you?

With a grateful heart,

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