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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Blessing of Being a Woman

Have you really considered how great it is to be a woman?  I read once that a blessing about being a woman is that on a sinking ship women and children get the life boats!  Wearing cute shoes is another small reason, but honestly, aren't you thankful not to be the one who has to take the ultimate responsibility for the family or the Church?  That is a huge load! 

Are you aware how much God values women?  We are not second-class citizens.  It was women who first saw the resurrected Christ.  The women are noted for being at the cross while all others had forsaken Him.  Jesus welcomes Martha to join Mary in sitting at His feet to worship, though at this time the women were not allowed to sit with the men and worship.  But here we see Christ drawing these women into His closest circle for fellowship.  Many women in Scripture were used in mighty ways.  Consider Ruth, Deborah, Rahab, Priscilla, Anna, Dorcas & Abigail, to name a few.

God loves you, dear lady!  He has a plan for your life and a reason for you being a female.  Don't begrudge the things you have to do today because you're a woman - things like - dishes, laundry, cooking, homeschooling your child, cleaning house, and preparing for birthdays and holidays. 

Don't squirm under the fact that because you're a woman you have an authority over you.  If you're married it's your husband.  If you work outside the home you might also have a male boss. Another authority is your pastor.  God gave men the heavier responsibility of leadership.  As we nestle under the protection of their rule in the home, workplace and church, we should be praying for them, and then sweetly allowing them to lead.  The world balks at this teaching, but our hearts need to be obedient and our lives an example of what this looks like.  It's a place of safety for us.  The buck does not stop here - what a blessing!

God has a place for women in the home, the church and the world.  Love your place.  Be glad for your Creator making you a woman.  It's a place of power under the safe haven of protection.  Serve.  Submit.'re a woman!

Wearing pink shoes,

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Anonymous said...

Denise, thank you this little post. I am encouraged to witness another woman seeking to be all that the Lord has called her to be as a woman in Christ.