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Friday, April 8, 2011

A True Southern Belle

Can you make out the caption for the picture on this truck?  It says, "I'm the New Southern Belle."  I was sitting at a red light this week and saw this truck across the intersection.  I about choked.  She's the new southern belle?  How pathetic.  Let me give you a closer look:

Before I go off explain my reason for disgust, let's first define the word belle.  The dictionary describes a belle as "a woman admired for her beauty and charm." Can we just set beauty aside for now and talk about charm?  Another word for that is grace, or gracious. Does a woman who slugs a milk jug to her lips with such gusto that she lets it run down her face really portray a charming, gracious woman?  I really don't think so.  

There are certainly times when you and I have been hot and thirsty from exercise or heat and have devoured a glass of water or Coke...or even milk.  But this advertisement is saying, "Things have changed in our world.  A woman doesn't have to be charming and gracious any more to be a lady.  Take a look at this woman!  She represents our world today." 

That last phrase is sadly true. Many women are no longer gracious - they can handle what comes their way, and they'll do it in whatever manner suits them.  I watched an elderly man and his adult daughter walking on a sidewalk recently and watched as they approached a double door.  The man (probably, due to the way things used to be when he was raised) made an effort to scurry to the door and open it for his daughter.  She reached up and opened the door on her side of the walkway, and  he walked through the door on his side and they entered the store side by side, instead of her entering before him.  A gracious woman would have hung back and allowed him to open the door for her.  My husband does that for me, and I am thankful (and try to say thank you each time he does this act of kindness).  My father also does this for me when we're together, and I appreciate being treasured as a lady and a daughter by the men in my life.

This post isn't to tell you not to drink from the milk jug.  I'm writing this to say, let's be true ladies.  A gracious woman retains honor.  Proverbs 11:16  Retain it - hold on to it!  Be a lady...a True Southern Belle instead of the "New Southern Belle!"

See you in church Sunday!

With love,

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