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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smuggle It In

This has been an extremely busy week with revival, but it's been a great one! Last night's message was about the authority of the Word of God. Brother Jerry reminded us of the need to memorize Scripture.
His message reminded me of a comment one of my readers left me one day when I spoke about this. She said, "I read a story not so long ago about a North Korean pastor who risks his life to share the gospel. Here is an excerpt: Pastor Bae has introduced the gospel to many North Koreans to Christ, he has a simple but effective way to smuggle the Bible into the country---by memorization. North Koreans copy the Bible repeatedly in order to memorize. This way they can smuggle the Bible back into the country in the safest place of all, their heart. If a Bible is found in their home they risk imprisonment or even death. Thank God for these people, and his Word that lives forever."

Is that not powerful? So, how are you doing? Could you smuggle a portion of Scripture somewhere because it's in your heart? May the Lord help us to love His Word enough and realize the power it holds so that we will take a disciplined approach to memorizing and reviewing it!

What are you working on memorizing? I'm plugging along in the book of Philippians. To God be the glory. For it is God that worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Phil 2:13

Thanking God for the power of the Word,


lindagl said...

What a wonderful story. It speaks volumes. With God's help I want to memorize more.

matlock626 said...

Praise God for His sweet Word. What a privilege we have to be able to learn His Word and we take it for granted. I'm plugging along in the book of James. Brother Jerry's message was indeed a challenge to continue on in the things of Christ. Thank you for your posts.