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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peace In His Hands

Last night I called my sister to comfort her in a trial she's going through. I read her a verse of Scripture that became so real to me in a time of need in my own life.
I have experienced migraine headaches for years and my doctor thought the time had come to have an MRI to make sure there was nothing serious triggering them. The MRI machine is a very close space - especially for someone who is claustrophobic! The thoughts of being slid into that narrow space and having the door shut me in for a span of 45 minutes made my pulse race and my palms sweat! I ran to the Word. I reminded myself of Scriptures of God's peace and His presence. The morning of the MRI scores of people were praying for me, and I knew God was giving me the grace I needed to go through this literal test and this spiritual test. The technician placed a cloth over my eyes - no chance I'd sneak a peek at just how close the ceiling was to my face! Whew!
As I was lying there I began reciting in my mind the chapter I was working on memorizing - Philippians 4. When I got to verse five I quoted, "The Lord is at hand." Suddenly that truth struck my heart like never before. The Lord is HERE. He is at my hand. He is in this machine with me, though no one else is! You cannot imagine the comfort that verse brought to my heart at that moment. I finished the test without having to hit the panic button. God faithfully used His Word to comfort me at a time when He was truly the only one who could!

Perhaps you need to be encouraged today that the Lord is at your hand. He is there with you spite the loneliness you may feel. You can trust Him at this moment, and then the next, and the next. Acknowledge the truth that He is at hand, and He is at your hand. He is now, and He always will be. What comfort, what peace, what a God!
In His hands,

P.S. The doctor didn't find anything in my head! Surprised? :)


lindagl said...

Denise, I guest you thought I quit reading your blog. No, my computer has been in the shop with many, many virus. They had to wipe it clean.
I am so glad that your report came back good. I am sorry, but I didn't know anything about this or I would have been praying.
The Lord is so good to hear and answer our prayers and His answer is always good!! I am praying Sherry.

Denise said...

Linda, Sorry to mislead you - the MRI was several years ago. You did pray! :)

Anonymous said...

The Lord is always faithful, even when we aren't. "Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulnesss answer me, and in thy righteousness."

Debby said...

Goose bumps again.

See, this evening Steve and I have agreed to be in different rooms reading. He has a book, and I've been sitting here growing. God knew I needed to be here... reading what you wrote almost a year ago.

There have been three times in more recent times that I KNEW and I FELT God's hand on me. He gave me TOTAL PEACE to know He was with me. Other times I know because I believe because God does not lie. He can't. He's God! ~ D