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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Do (Want a Husband)!

I love stories about how the Lord brings couples together. It is an act of His omnipotence, omniscience and grace. Who else but the Lord could bring a man and a woman from two completely different homes and upbringings and cause them to compliment each other in such a way that they can live together and serve Him and make up for the weaknesses of the other?

The couple pictured here is testimony of that very story. I'll never forget her sitting in my living room several years ago and asking me how she was ever going to find a husband. She was here going to med school and there were no single Christian men in her class. Once she finishes her residency she is planning to head to the mission field, and didn't like the thoughts of going as a single woman. Where would this man come from? Was she doomed to single life? Should she go to Bible college following med school to put herself in a place where she would meet Christian men? My answer to her was to simply obey what the Lord had called her to do. Serve Him, prepare for the mission field, walk with the Lord, and trust Him to bring the man at the right time.

One summer she attended a camp for missionaries headed to the mission field. She met a fine young man and they became fast friends. They continued their friendship long-distance while she continued her training. The letters and calls continued and things began getting serious over a period of time. You see the end result. When my husband and I met her fiance' we could see that they were perfect for each other! God had done His perfect work again.
I write this to encourage those that may be single. I believe the Lord wills that most people marry. There are some set aside to stay single so they can serve in a ministry in a more effective way, but I believe that is the exception. Don't fret. Don't try to arrange things. Don't put yourself in the wrong kind of places just so you'll meet single men. Just obey the Lord's will for your life right now. Walk in fellowship with Him. Serve Him. While you're busy doing those things the Lord will bring a husband along in His time. If the Lord can take care of your greatest need (that of salvation) can He not provide this need also? Yes, He can.

You can trust Him with your life and you can trust Him with your future mate. Commit it to the Lord and watch Him provide.

Under His feathers,

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Carol Flett said...

I think all of us like to hear these kinds of stories whether we are still waiting or celebrating our 43rd anniversary.
Thanks for the post.