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Friday, May 7, 2010

God is Good

Did you ever have someone ask you, or have you thought yourself - "Why does God do what He does?"
The other day in my quiet time I came across Psalm 119:68 - Thou art good and doest good; teach me thy statutes. That verse is Truth about the character of our God. As I went to prayer I thanked the Lord for many things of the morning and recognized that He is good and does good. It's easy to see His goodness in things we are thankful for, isn't it?
As I went to intercede for others I began praying for someone who is suffering and has been suffering for quite some time. Then I prayed, "But Lord, even as you allow this to go on in her life I recognize that you are good and you can only do good." Nothing "bad" can touch the life of a Christian. Some might argue that suffering is bad, but not for a child of God. It's being used in their life for a purpose. It may be preparing them for a future ministry, it might be driving them to the Word, or it might be causing them to stop trusting in their own strength. God knows what they need and how long they need it. He is good and only does good.

I then prayed for the salvation of many that I'm burdened for. "Lord, you are good, and you do good." In His goodness He sent His Son to die for all. That is a good God! He doesn't want them to go to hell! He does good; He provides salvation to all that will call on Him. Romans 10:9

That one verse touched every area of my prayers. It also touches every area of our lives. Do you know that God is good and only does good? That is His character and He cannot act apart from that. Whatever difficulty you're facing today, remind yourself of eternal Truth...we have a good God who only does what is good!

Because of His goodness,


Overthinking Mama said...

i am glad that all the things in my life have happened... because if it wasnt for the "suffering" I might not have been able to get down on my knees and pray for forgivness!!

God Bless!

Debby said...