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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conviction is...

Do you remember these "Love is..." cartoons? How many descriptions of love have been described in this cartoon since the 1960's when it first began? It covers every aspect of love, both tender and funny. I've always enjoyed them and look for them, and often find them taped to the bathroom mirror from a certain someone. :) The illustrator could recognize love in many forms.
If a cartoon could be drawn for "Conviction is..." what would it look like? Do we recognize the conviction of the Spirit of God as easily as we recognize love? Conviction is defined as "the act or process of convincing." The Spirit of God uses many means to convince or convict us of sin in our lives. It could come in the form of preaching, through your own Bible reading, through watching the faithful life of another believer or through His still small voice in prayer. We need to learn to recognize it for what it is so we can confess the sin and get back into fellowship with God. It's not just an uneasiness about an issue - it's the hand of God pressing down on our lives to draw us to Himself. It's not some preacher trying to make us feel badly about ourselves; it's the work of the Holy Spirit wooing us to change and become like Him.
A person doesn't respond to love shown to them if they don't first of all recognize it. However when you see that "love is a bouquet of daisies" you can respond by accepting them with a smile and a look of admiration! You can't progress spiritually if you don't recognize the conviction. About what is the Spirit of God tugging at your heart? Are you recognizing it and taking the necessary action of confession? Recognize then respond.
Love is...dear friends like you stopping in to read my blog. Thank you!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

Denise said...

Thank you for your encouragement!