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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sifting to Find the Truth

I love to cook! I've learned that using the right tools makes the job much easier! Getting the lumps out of confectionery sugar or flour is essential to smooth icing or cake batter; to do that you need a sifter. When you pour the flour or sugar in and then tap the sides of the sifter or squeeze the handle, the fine, smooth flour pours out and the clumps stay behind. The clumps are then tossed out - that's the part that would have ruined the food.

The Word of God is the screen on the"sifter" of our thoughts. All day long we think things and hear things, and they get poured into our minds. It's our responsibility to tap the edge, to sift it through the truth of God's Word. Whatever doesn't line up with His Truth is what is left in the bottom of the sifter and needs to be discarded, otherwise it could ruin us!

Think about yesterday - cliche's you heard people say, advice you were given, what you heard on the radio, television or Internet - was it all absolute Truth? Does it line up with the Word of God? Before you let those things really sink in - tap the edge of the sifter - look into God's Word and get rid of that which doesn't fit into the grid of Truth!

With love,

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lindagl said...

Denise, Thank you for presenting the Word of Truth in ways that will ever be in our minds, by using your tools for the kitchen. When I use my tools it will bring back the truth that you wrote today. Thank you.