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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Full or Empty?

This beautiful summer like weather has dried out my pansies, so I filled my watering can with water and took it outside to give them a drink. The poor little things slurped that liquid up in a second! I was guilty of plant neglect...poor little guys. I set the watering can down on the deck, then seated myself at the umbrella table to write in my praise journal.

When that was finished I picked up my book and pen, then stooped to pick up the now empty watering can. The thought then came to my mind, "I need to write my blog post...what can I write about?" The Lord then spoke to my heart - your "watering can" is just as empty as the one you're carrying into the house. Come spend some time with me and let me fill it - then you'll have something to share with others."
Because of my company being here this morning, I had had my Bible study, but wasn't able to finish and have my normal prayer time. Now, coming inside, I put the watering can away, then headed to my quiet place. I repeated the verse I'd read in my Bible study in James 4 - "Lord, your Word says if we draw nigh to you, You will draw nigh to us. How I need you..."

It was a sweet time with the Lord. He did indeed meet me there. I poured my heart to him; He blessed me with the sweetness of His presence. Then, and only then did I have anything to pour out on anyone else. How foolish to think that an empty watering can (me) could have anything to say or do that would be a blessing to others. Without spending time in prayer I am relying on myself. My coming to Him acknowledges my dependence on Him. John 15:5b ...Without me ye can do nothing. How very aware I am of that, and how precious the Lord is to remind me. When that literal watering can gets full , then it can spill out onto the plants. In the same way, when I have spent time with the Lord, I have something to spill out from the overflow onto others I meet! Without Him I am empty!

How about you? Are you full or empty today? Will your life be able to spill over onto others because of time you've spent with the Lord today?

With love,


lindagl said...

Thank you Denise for the practical applications you give us.

hkeels said...

Thank you Denise for sharing your heart with us...I'm so glad you "filled up" with God's word so you could be used for God's glory today.