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Friday, March 5, 2010

Freshening It Up For Spring

Welcome to my house! Yep, that's a spring wreath on the front door! I may be a little early, but I think it's time to brighten things up. I realized yesterday that a month from now is Easter, so I got out my spring decorations and did a little freshening up in the living room. Step inside and I'll give you a peek...

Liza makes anything prettier! She was just begging to have her picture made sitting here so adorably!
My kitchen isn't really "springy" but I did take down my Valentine's Day decorations from my shelf and I replaced them with black and white tea pot things. My kitchen colors are red, white and black. I think that candle stick needs a red candle, now that I look at it! Hobby Lobby, here I come!

I used a simple bowl of apples set on a pedestal for the table centerpiece.

In the living room, this little porcelain bunny candle holder is sitting on my a tray on my coffee table. That came from Avon years ago!

I added a few little touches to my china cabinet. Plastic eggs sit in glass votive holders filled with confetti grass.
Spring napkins were placed in my Shabby Chic holder that I love. (Thanks, Whitney!)

Like our house, sometimes our devotional life needs a "freshening up." We can become habitual in our daily approach to God's Word and instead of it being a refreshing time, it is dry and boring. The Word of God isn't boring, but our approach to it is.
To freshen it up a bit you might try a different reading plan. If you're "stuck" in the middle of reading through the Bible, give it a break and do a Bible study book that makes much of the Word. Read through the Psalms, looking for the attributes of God and make notes about what you learn.
You might even go to a different location to have your devotions. Find a sunny window and a comfortable chair so you can rejoice in God's creation while you study.
Don't let your time with the Lord become winterized - cold with no life! Freshen it up so you'll be stirred and challenged!
Thanks for dropping by! If you live here you know you're always welcome! What do you do to freshen up your house for spring?


Whitney said...

thanks for the shout out...wasn't that nice of me? =)

I love your daisy wreath. I wish I had one...hehe.

To springify my house, I went to Hobby Lobby and got a bunch of sunflowers (on sale!) and put them in a new red pitcher (from the Dollar General, $4) on my kitchen table. Voila! Spring! =)

Christina said...

I love the new background on the blog!

Mildred Ray said...

Yes, it is time to freshen up for Spring. I'm bringing out my forsithia branches, and cherry blossoms. Your Spring daisy wreath is great. I love your new display for your blog, and of course Liza just makes everything that much more special, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter...she just fits in.