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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Tarry

If we do what we're supposed to do, when we're supposed to do it, we would get ourselves in a whole lot less trouble. Have you ever found yourself not doing what you were supposed to? We all have.

In preparation for our monthly Bible study, I recently read II Samuel 11 where it says that David sent Joab and his servants forth to battle,
but David tarried
still at Jerusalem. David should have been with his men that were in that battle. He should have led the charge, but for some reason he tarried. He delayed going. He waited at his house while his men were in peril. Perhaps he was tired of battles, or maybe he was just plain tired! Whatever the reason, he did not go. He tarried.

I can just see him meandering around the beautiful home in which he lived. Everyone was gone. It was quiet. He had time to rest. Verse two says he got up off his bed and walked upon the roof. He shouldn't have been strolling, he should have been fighting! But now, because he was in a place where he shouldn't have been, he found himself doing something he shouldn't have done - he looked upon his neighbor, Bathsheba, washing herself. He lusted after her and had her brought to the palace where he had an immoral affair with her. The consequences of this tarrying were many; the last was the death of his child that Bathsheba conceived. I wonder if David ever thought to himself, "If only I'd have gone with my men like I should have, none of this would have happened."

This Scripture was part of our Bible study about looking after our home and not being idle. We can certainly apply this to being busy with the household chores, for they are certainly necessary and needful, but I'd like for us to think about other areas in which we are tempted to be idle instead of vigilant.

If we have children it can certainly be a temptation to "send them on" while we tarry. Perhaps we send them to their room to play because we are tired of their bickering. When it's nice outside we may, in a moment of frustration plead, "Just go out and play!" After a battle of obedience we may tarry in punishment when we see our child doing again what he just got in trouble for ten minutes ago. We look the other way to avoid having to go through this all again.

Teenagers can make us want to tarry. For fear of what we may find, or because we don't know how to handle it, many parents choose to remain comfortably at home while their teen is fighting the battle with drugs, peer pressure, or inappropriate relationships.

Oh parents, can I encourage you to get in the middle of the battle with your children? Stay after the discipline while they're young. It may wear you out now, but it's far better than them having to pay a high price for their rebellious spirits when they're older. When there is strife between your children, take time to teach them how to biblically respond to one another. You need to stay connected with your teenagers too. Establish a Facebook profile so you can be your child's "friend" and check on them. See who their other friends are and what they're posting on the Internet! I do not apologize for doing this. I wanted to know what was going on in my girls' lives, and this was one way I did that. I care enough to jump into the battle, and not tarry so I can pretend that everything's okay. You may be saving them from destroying their lives. One prayer I prayed often when our girls were home was, "Lord, help me to know when I need to go to them and interrupt whatever they're doing." You can't imagine how many times the Lord answered that prayer. How thankful I was for the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Another area in which we can't be idle is in our marriage. We must remain active. Guard your relationship. Pour your time into nurturing it. Guard your own heart against improper relationships with other men. Don't put yourself in a place where you shouldn't be.

Don't tarry. Stay in the battle and fight for your home life.

With love,

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