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Friday, March 12, 2010

Better Than the Biltmore Estates

We had the wonderful privilege of spending the afternoon yesterday touring The Biltmore Estates. If you've been, you know how breathtakingly beautiful it is. It is beyond my comprehension that it was a family dwelling. There are 35 bedrooms and 45 bathrooms! That's a lot of sheets to change and sinks to clean, but of course all the work was done by the 35-50 servants. Its size is mind boggling, its decorations lavish, and its detail staggering!

I said it and I've heard others ask the same question - can you imagine living there? Without those ropes that guide guests through the hallways, I can guarantee you I'd get lost going to the kitchen for a late-night snack! They must have had many guests - that I would love. No worry about everyone bumping into each other in the dining area - their dining table seats 150! I might not want to really live there, but I sure enjoy visiting. As a matter of fact, I'd love to see it in each season...sounds like I need a season pass one year. I'll put that on my prayer requests. :)

Most of us will never enjoy extravagant daily living like the that in this life, but my mind certainly went to my heavenly home yesterday as we toured the Biltmore! The Bible says that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for those that have trusted Him as Savior. I have no idea if we'll each have our own home or mansion, but I know that whatever Jesus provides will be perfect. There will be no renovation needed in 100 years, like the Biltmore has had to have! Nothing will wear out, grow old, or malfunction! We won't need beds or bedrooms, for we won't sleep. It will always be light there in that place where the glory of God will light the day. The streets will be gold and the gates' hinges will be pearls. The neighbors will be perfect too, for each one will no longer have an old sin nature (praise the Lord!). The grass won't turn brown, the flowers won't die, and the foundation won't crack. Its Builder and Maker is the God who loves us and has provided life eternal through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whatever hard thing you going through now, keep your eye towards heaven. Remind yourself that One day those that know Christ will be raptured out of here! As we wait, let's do as I heard a radio preacher say recently - let's be real estate agents for heaven! Let's tell others about an eternal home and make sure they have the assurance that they will be with Christ and live in the place He has prepared for them.

Most of us don't have a house like The Biltmore, but one day our heavenly home will be far better than even the Vanderbilt's could've imagined. I pray they knew Christ and have gone on to enjoy their heavenly home, but while you and I have the opportunity, we must each accept Christ as Savior and secure the promise that heaven is our home. Are you sure you're going there when you die? Don't miss it!

Because I care,


Christina said...

Whatever hard thing you going through now, keep your eye towards heaven. - That was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

lindagl said...

Hi Denise, Glad you and Pastor got to go to the Biltmore. It is an amazing place. But, I can't imagine what our mansion in Heaven is going to be like. I do know that Biltmore can not compare to it. I copyed your Pork Roast receipe. I want to try it. It looks so good in your picture. Thanks