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Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Cookin' in the Parsonage?

I would like to introduce you to a very special lady in my life – my mom, Mildred Ray. What a blessing it is to have a godly mother who encourages her children and grandchildren in spiritual matters. She has always been my greatest point of motivation in homemaking, cooking, baking and decorating. She truly has the gift of hospitality.

I’ll never forget when my husband, girls and I were making our move from Indiana to Tennessee nine and half years ago. What a respite my parents’ home was to my family! We were moving all our earthly possessions in a U-Haul truck. My husband drove the truck and our older daughter was with him. I was following behind in our minivan with our younger daughter and our cat, Oreo. Oreo got out of her cage and was sprinting across the dashboard of the van as I drove, the U-Haul broke down 45 minutes after we left, I got a terrible migraine, and we had a three hour trip ahead of us! When we arrived at their house, the lights were lit to welcome us, though it was midnight or after. My mom had prepared a beautiful spread of refreshments for late arrival, had hot chocolate and all sorts of delicious treats ready, along with soft beds and warm quilts waiting to give us rest. Only heaven would have been better than that welcome! That was one of many times that we've been the recipients of her hospitality.

She has opened her home to many, many people over the years, and has made each one feel they were the most welcomed guest she’d ever invited. I learned hospitality from watching her. I invite you to take a peek into her heart and home as you read the post below penned by the most loved mom in the world…mine.
Denise has asked me to be Guest Blogger today. I have never been a teacher, as such, but I'm never at a loss for words, so I can hide behind the computer screen and say a few words.

I am past the three score and ten years, the Bible refers to, so I have the advantage of looking way back.

I was saved at the age of six. I fully understood my need of a Savior while listening to the "Children's Bible Hour" on the radio. My Mother was right there to lead me in the Sinner's Prayer, as I confessed my sins and asked Jesus into my heart. She has always been a good example of a godly Mother, and I miss her daily. Today, is the 30th Anniversary of her death, and Home Going. I know she is with the Lord, but her teachings and influence have stayed with me, and I've never forgotten her ways.

All I ever wanted to be was a wife and Mother. Today, in our Society, that is not as revered as it should be, but is still most important in God's structure of family.

We have three daughters, and son's in law, six grandchildren, three of their spouses, two great grandchildren, to date.

We are close knit, but far flung, so get togethers with all attending. doesn't happen as it once did. Yesterday, I had the privilege of having one daughter and her husband to dinner after church. I fixed every one's favorite, fried chicken, and all that goes with it. I have always loved cooking and baking and fixing a pretty table. I am very resourceful, and try to use things I have in different ways. My son in law loves coconut creme pie, so I baked one for his birthday this Tuesday. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, and that is so important.

Don't let your advancing years diminish your role in the family. Grown children and grandchildren need Mothers and Grandmothers, too. Be there with your comfort, gentle words of encouragement and love your family ALL of your life.

Proverbs 31:27 She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness

I am blessed, aren't I? My only regret in her writing this post is finding out that she fixed fried chicken and coconut cream pie yesterday - two of my favorites! I thank her for sharing her heart with us and for the lessons she continues to teach with her life and her pen.

Did you have a mom that taught you from her life? What did you learn from her?

With love,


Dale said...

Mom,as I read your post, I could "hear" you speaking as though we were gathered around your kitchen table. My heart was touched to read once again of your salvation testimony and the readiness of your dear Mother to lead you to our Savior. Thank you for your godly, gracious impact upon your girls and your faithfulness to Dad. I am blessed to call you "Mom" and to have shared in the many, many times of biblical hospitality in your home (sometimes probably staying longer than we should have). Your home has always been and continues to be a refuge and a place of quiet rest which is a reflection of you and Dad.
By the way, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and fried apple pies really sounds good!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The greatest gift I have been given in my life was to have a godly mother. My mother went to be with the Lord four years ago but I miss her terribly and she is in my heart every day. She is still watching over me from heaven.

Whitney said...

awww! Nana and Momma, I want to be a hostess just like you two. you both have taught me to use what you have and to make every day special. thanks for giving me your hand me down linens and dishes! Tonight I served supper on my Lenox dishes with Nana's silver...yesterday I made Momma's hot chicken salad. I have learned from the best!