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Friday, February 19, 2010

My Schedule

Oh, my! Two days this week and my post has been "late" - in my way of thinking anyway. I try to have it ready so it will be posted early in the morning, but this week with being out of town and not always having Internet access, my plans have not always worked out!

Today I got up and my first thought was "blogging," my next thought was "No, time with the Lord." If I don't hear from Him first, I have nothing to say to others. I was reminded of a quote by George Muller, who said that the first duty of his day was to make sure his heart was right with God. Now, that's a plan to stick with! So, after having had my quiet time, though this is late, it's in God's time. :)

I use a Bible study book for my weekend devotions and I was working today on a study about busyness (God knew I needed that!). Claudia Barba made the statement that years ago we judged a person's status by their leisure time. Today we judge a person's status by how busy they are. I see this even in "well known" preachers. If they have a lunch date scheduled, three phone calls while at a meeting, text messages and beeps while in the car driving to that luncheon, and a schedule that takes them into 2050, wow! They must be important! Yet, that's not what Jesus' life exemplified. He was never rushed, never in a hurry or scurrying about to do this and finish that. He always made time to talk with the Father before ministering to others, and He finished the work God gave Him to do!

If you find yourself frantic, trying to get everything finished that's on your "to-do" list for today, stop and make sure you've first had time with the Lord. Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. You will come to understand what He wants you to do, and what you can let go of. So often we're busier than we should be because we've added things to our schedule that the Lord never intended. As you obey His direction, you'll also have His strength to be able to finish the task.

As I contemplated writing this post I thought, "I've written about this a lot this week," but it seems that every time I turn around I bump into my own inclination to go my own way, or speak to others that are so busy with other things that they make very little time for what matters most. Wherever you are in this area, I trust you'll get done today exactly what the Lord desires - nothing more, nothing less!

See you in church Sunday,

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Michelle said...

Great Post and love Mrs. Barba's often I find myself thinking that about myself or others.