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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making Memories to Keep

I spent a couple of hours yesterday going through some boxes in our basement. I am trying to clean out and get rid of things that are not being used. It takes forever to do a job like this, because I have to go through old mementos, and boxes of the girls' things from years ago, and I find myself lingering and reminiscing when I should press on and work.

In those boxes I found elementary teaching tools from when I was teaching our youngest to read, journals they started, old cassette tapes, dolls, stuffed animals, text books, toys, purses, and lots of other "stuff" that brought back sweet memories of raising two girls in our home.

Perhaps because this is our first year as empty nesters, I've found myself doing lots of reminiscing about the days of home school, piano and violin lessons, youth group activities, and camp - all the things that go with being a parent. Most days I smile and then pull the covers up tighter under my chin, but sometimes, like yesterday, I linger on the memories like a child at a candy counter.
I point to some memories with regret - like times I recall being impatient, frustrated, or angry. Other memories are precious - like times we played outside together in the leaves or snow, or when we baked together in the kitchen making little pies for their daddy.
As Valentine's Day approaches, I'm reminded that we had some special days in our home on February 14th. We always did something as a family first. Of course they received a card from us and often a little box of Whitman's chocolates too. I usually fixed a special dinner and set the table in red or pink. We would have a dessert together as well, then it was bedtime for the girls so Mommy and Daddy could spend time together. Our girls grew up knowing that we loved each other. I had heard that the best thing a wife could do for her children was to love their daddy. I had witnessed this in my own home when I was growing up, and I can see now the security it gives. The girls might not have particularly liked going to bed early, or not being included in the evening's plans, but they grew to appreciate why those things were so.
As you implement your Valentine's plans for this weekend, plan for time together as a family, but be sure to set aside time for you and your husband alone - it's the biblical thing to do. My husband would always tell the girls when we went away for a date, "Your mom and I are going out to make a better home for you." Your children may not like it now, but they'll be glad for the sweet memories of a happy home that you're creating. Those are the best kind of memories because they can't be put in a box and sent on their way to the trash or to the Goodwill - they'll be in their hearts forever!

With love,

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Whitney said...

those memories make me smile, too. I am very thankful for the security we had in knowing that you and dad were definitely in love with each other. lalalalala.... ;)