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Friday, February 5, 2010

Make Your Reservation

There is a wonderful bed and breakfast in North Carolina that I've had the privilege of staying in on several occasions. The house is gorgeous. It is a three-story home with a wide front porch to welcome you and an inviting living room with game table and fresh cookies just inside the front door. The winding staircase leads to the luxurious guestrooms with private baths. The mattresses are pillow tops that range from queen to king-size and they beckon their guests to come and rest beneath the soft, plush linens.
The owners, Glen and Jen are tops! They studied long and hard before buying this business so they would do it right, and trust me, they learned their lessons well! They know how to make their guests feel welcome and at home without intruding on your need for privacy and time alone. If you leave your room in the early evening you will come back to your room to find the covers turned town, and the soft lamps lit for your return. If you're celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, there will be a banner across the doorway to announce the celebration. Upon entering your room, you'll find a freshly baked gingerbread man and lady to welcome you! Glen and Jen are gracious hosts!
After a wonderful night's rest, guests awaken to the smell of freshly ground coffee perking in the hallway just outside their door. Should they choose to enjoy a cup before breakfast they will be sipping out of beautiful pottery mugs that were locally hand-crafted. Guests can choose to have breakfast in the lovely dining room downstairs, served in their room, or on warm days, served out on the front porch. It really doesn't matter where you choose to eat - the food is out of this world! At our last stay we were served, yogurt raspberry parfaits, chocolate chip scones, egg strata, cheese grits, juice and coffee. Lunch is not needed after a breakfast like that!
I can't say enough about this lovely getaway! It's clean, it's beautiful, it's more than you'd expect from a B&B. Oh, but wait, I haven't told you where it is or how to contact Glen and Jen! Let me send you there with this link to The Windover Inn in Waynesville, NC. On their site you can get directions, see the house and each room. Why, you can almost smell the breakfast when you see the pictures! As good as those pictures are, I can attest to the fact that the best thing for you to do is go there!
Now, why did I go into all that detail about this special place? One reason is because I really do love it there, but I also wanted to make a correlation between going here and going to heaven. It's not enough to know about Windover. Knowing about this B&B will not get you there. You must make a reservation. There are many people who know about heaven and desire to go there. They may even know some facts about heaven - what it looks like, the fact that God and Jesus are there, and that it's a wonderful place, but that is not enough to get them there.
When my husband and I desire to stay at the Windover Inn, we call the owners and make a reservation. Unless we have our names in that book, we will not have a place to stay. In heaven there is a book - The Lamb's Book of Life . All who receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior have their names written in this book. This means that they acknowledge that they are a sinner, accept what Christ did on the cross for the payment of their sins, and receive Him. This is the "reservation" that is necessary. Being a good person, giving to the church, or being baptized will not get us there - only receiving Christ as our Savior will do. The Bible says, Whosoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved." If you call on Christ, He will save you and prepare a place for you in heaven with Him. After a person does that, He has Christ as his Friend. He is never alone. Trials still come after salvation, but they can be met with courage and God's grace when you're a part of His family! It's a wonderful blessing to be the child of God.
There are many places you could stay on vacation - The Windover Inn being one of them. But at death there are only one of two places a person will go - heaven or hell. Do you know you're headed to heaven? God wants you to know - I John 5:13a These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. God loves you and has done everything necessary for you to go to heaven. Have you made your reservation?
Because I care,


Dale said...

What a joy to know that I can spend time with you at Windover Inn and forever in Heaven!!

matlock626 said...

Thankful for a pastor's wife that cares about the salvation of others! Thank you for being used by God to refresh my heart each day.