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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Being Resourceful

I love crafting and I love being resourceful. I had a cute little fingertip towel that I'd gotten after Valentine's Day on sale one year. I had sitting it out on the bathroom counter and that's exactly what it did - it sat there. So I thought, "This towel is useless like this. What can I do with it?" Then I saw where someone had taken two kitchen towels and used one to make a pillow and another one to make a pocket. How clever to use that beautiful stitching on the towel to embellish a pillow!

I had leftover fabric from the curtains I made for our guest room, and I had a faded throw pillow that needed new life. I made a simple little pillow case for the pillow by cutting out two rectangles of fabric and sewing the three sides together. I then put the pillow inside, then stitched across the opening.

To make the pocket I cut a 4x6 inch piece of my fingertip towel, turned the edges under and stitched them on the machine. I then placed the pocket on the pillow and hand sewed three sides to the fabric. Ta da! A Valentine pillow that serves a purpose!

Since yesterday was February the first I put a note and a treat in the pocket for my husband to find. I think two weeks' worth of notes ought to let him know he's #1 in my heart!

Take a look around and see what you can re purpose then tell me about it!

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Dale said...

And I'll be sure to stop by and see what's in your pocket today!

Dianne said...

I wonder if SOMEONE might leave you a little something one day! :-)

Dianne said...

Very cute, by the way!