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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Willing Hands

This month's Bible study of "A Woman After God's Own Heart" is entitled, A Heart for Your Husband. Okay, so all of us that are married know that we're in for some pain on our toes, right? It might go all the way up to our shins and the seat of our britches before the month is over!

Day One took us to Proverbs 31 - we all knew we'd go there, right? Because it is a very familiar passage I'm trying to study one verse each day and am asking the Lord to reveal what He wants me to learn. When I read verse 13b it says, "...she works willingly with her hands." As I stopped and pondered that thought - especially the word willingly - I pondered my own work. How willing am I to work? Oh, it's easy when everyone's chipping in and helping out! What fun! But what about when everyone else is "chilling" and I'm still cleaning up the kitchen, or cooking again? The willingness tends to fly out the window only to be replaced by resentment. "If it weren't for me there would be no Christmas celebration at our house! I decorate, write the cards, buy the gifts, wrap them, bake all the goodies, cook the holiday meals....blah, blah, blah!!!!" (Please tell me you've had the same wicked thoughts!)

Toe cruncher #1! - I need to ask the Lord to help me to work with willing hands and a willing heart!,

Elizabeth Elliot said this as she was on her way to Ecuador, "It was the thing I was made for, and I was full of gladness." For those of us that are married we can all make that very same statement in regards to our work at home. We were created to be a helper suitable for our husband (Genesis 2:18), therefore this work should be done with a heart full of gladness! There can be gladness in preparing a meal, doing the laundry, straightening up the house, or decorating a room. The thing that makes the difference is our heart. Do we, like Elizabeth see these tasks as helping us fulfill the very thing God made us for? If so, we will have a right attitude. Instead of just throwing something on the table at mealtime, we can go at it with joy - preparing ahead, planning carefully and making it tasteful and beautiful. Instead of waiting to do the laundry, we'll work at it methodically, rather than letting it pile up and become a daunting task.

We'll do ourselves and our families a huge favor if we'll go after our household responsibilities with willing hands. We'll be creative and have a heart of gladness. Imagine the difference that could make on your family today!



Anonymous said...

You are not alone with the bad attitude! I have to repent often. Particularly if no one expresses appreciation for all the work. Or if I am injured or ill and I am still expected to carry on as if I am not!

Denise said...

Thanks for being honest! At least I know I'm not alone! Isn't God gracious to forgive us?

Anonymous said...

This was just what I needed today! I just finished reading A Wife After God's Own Heart last night and needed this encouraging reminder of what the Lord has taught me through this book! I'm so excited to get through this month's lesson and have even more reminders, even if my toes aren't ready for it!

Anonymous said...

I have that bad attitude sometimes, too! Thank you for the reminder!